Why NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management software, also known as Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP), that was developed with small and mid-sized businesses in mind.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows SMBs to have the same functionality to run their business as an Enterprise business but for a lower price tag.

NAV automates all your business processes and provides businesses with greater financial control, while helping to streamline the supply chain, manufacturing, and other core operations.

Want to grow your business? What’s stopping you?

Through hard work and dedication, you’ve grown your business to where it is today. But how much further can it go? If outdated financial and operations systems are preventing you from growing further, it's time to take the next step.

Over 300,000 companies worldwide with over 2 million end users have found success using NAV business management software.

Dynamics NAV from Microsoft puts the needs of your people first, helping them make the most of their time and bringing together business applications, data, documents, and devices. Whether on a server or in the cloud, viewed from a desktop or a mobile device, better functionality allows you to increase sales, improve collaboration, and keep your customers happy.

What can NAV do for you?

With familiar features and functions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, along with Office 365, provides the tools you and your business need to manage processes effectively, gain greater control, increase margins, and grow. In turn, this will allow your staff to deliver more and make better business decisions.

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  • 1. Financial Management and accounting
  • 2. Supply Chain, manufacturing, and operations
  • 3. Marketing, sales, and service
  • 4. Project Management
  • 5. Business Intelligence and reporting
  • 6. Multi-currency
  • Benefits

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Flexible Deployment

    On premises, in the cloud or a hybrid solution, choose the deployment method that’s right for you.

    ERP software for Media

    Streamline Your Business

    Integration is easy, allowing you to share, access and analyse information effortlessly.

    ERP for Media

    Rapid ROI

    A speedy set-up means you save on the cost of implementation and start to see results sooner.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Familiar features

    Following the same design as other Microsoft systems, learning how to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV is quick and easy.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Reduced Risk

    Millions of users across the globe trust Microsoft Dynamics NAV to get results with industry specific applications.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Future-proof your business

    Take advantage of the latest technology to integrate new solutions and grow your business.

    Save Time

    One central database allows you to share information across departments, reducing errors and saving time.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Lower Costs

    Reduce costs with processes that improve efficiency and flexibility while increasing productivity.

    View some Case Studies

    Hat Trick

    TV Production Company says goodbye to reporting nightmares with a future proof ERP system.

    The Education Funding Agency

    Growing education department eliminates data disasters with NAV.

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