Effective reporting, always on offer

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Retail is a fully integrated business management solution that has been designed to offer simplicity and agility, as well as value to today’s modern retailer. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is equipped with the technology required by retailers to manage every aspect of their business, from point of sale and inventory control, to customer management and financial analysis.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV at the core, configured by Microsoft partners with specialist knowledge of the Retail industry, you can improve customer service, lower inventory costs, improve margins, and increase revenues. NAV gives retailers ability to analyse and identify trends, report accurately, make better decisions, and extend your business across all sales channels.


Key Benefits

Improved visibility

Increase efficiency with direct integration of POS, inventory, financials and customer tracking.

Automatic ordering

Reduce inventory levels by recording the status of stock in real-time and automatically replenishing when required.

Customer experience

Full integration in store and online means consistent communication with customers.

Centralised system

Everyone can access the same information at the same time with all pricing managed centrally at head office

Powerful reporting

Get up to date information on financial records, stock levels and store profitability.

Live information

Identify buying trends at any moment in time with full visibility of all store accounts.