5 Ways to make your manufacturing business more efficient

Any businesses in the manufacturing sector is going to face issues specific to that industry. This means that finding the right business management software is crucial to ensure that you are reducing inefficiencies by managing the whole production process from beginning to end.

With access to every aspect of your business, you can highlight areas in need of improvement before they become an issue, impacting on your efficiency and affecting your processes. In order to do this, you’ll need to manage your data using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that recognises the industry-specific issues you face and helps you to solve your manufacturing problems.

You could use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a single, fully integrated business management solution for manufacturers, to optimise, automate and streamline your business. Since we’re ERP matchmakers, we connect manufacturers with Microsoft partners who have specialist knowledge in your industry.

To give you a head start, here are 5 ways that the right ERP manufacturing solution can improve the efficiency of your business;

1. Manage Stock


During the manufacturing process you’ll need to track and manage raw materials for both batch and bespoke production. An accurate view of available stock will ensure that the business can meet its order expectation and maintain customer satisfaction.

2. Production Control


Managing the whole production process, from order taking through to delivery, will be able to highlight any weaknesses. This will allow you to re-evaluate your processes, making adjustments and changes that will reduce inefficiency and improve output.

3. Business Intelligence


The ability to monitor, manage and report on your costs, resources and orders will enable you to maximise productivity and profitability. Using one integrated system will allow you to make faster, more productive business decisions, minimising wastage and the needless replication of data.

4. Scheduling


A 360° view of the business will provide you with the knowledge and foresight to plan production more effectively. This will allow you to measure lead-time and streamline your processes and satisfy both current and forecasted orders. 

5. Resource Alignment


A clear understanding of your processes will allow you to allocate the right amount of labour and equipment required to meet the level of planned manufacturing for both repetitive and one-off manufacturing requirements.

These are just 5 reasons why manufacturers should invest in ERP, you’ll find more in our Quick Guide to NAV for the Manufacturing Industry below. You can also see in our Halo Medical Case Study how this manufacturer improved efficiency and customer service turnover by using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


If you want to improve your financial analysis and make a difference to your business, get in touch with us today.

Written by Mark Blackmore, Head of Telemarketing at QBS Group

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