Mark Blackmore

Four reasons why you should add Dynamics CRM to your Dynamics NAV package

We live in the era of the customer. Nowadays, the customer is in control. The internet has created an extremely transp…

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Mark Blackmore

ERP: Perfecting project management

On paper, great project management skills are something we all boast to have. Yet, when you’re running a business, it’…

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Amit Wason, MD Creative Business Systems

Keeping ERP implementation realistic

The right approach to ERP implementation

Amit Wason, Managing Director at Cbiz, recently spoke with two com…

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5 ways to make your wholesale business more efficient

Just like any other industry, businesses in the wholesale sector will experienc…

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For profit, or not for profit, that is the question

The writing of Shakespeare has posed many philosophical questions. If he had be…

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Five Fearsomely Frightful ERP Fails

Since we've reached the time of the year when it’s customary to give people a f…

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Inefficiency? Where we’re going, we don’t need inefficiency.

If you recognised the quote, then you’re clearly as much of a fan as we are of …

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