Concerned Conference-Goer asks, “Does size really matter?”

Dinah McNav, the ERP Agony Aunt, answers the problems and pressures faced by businesses everywhere. This letter comes from a manufacturing business owner who is concerned about the size of his business system, and asks the question “Does size really matter?”

Dear Dinah

I recently attended an industry conference aimed at senior decision makers, like Managing Directors, Finance Directors, etc. After the conference, we had a quick drink in the hotel bar and got chatting about work. The conversation got round to our ERP systems.

Now, I own a manufacturing business in the Midlands and we are doing pretty well, we have 125 employees and a turnover of about £48million. We’d plodded along for a while with basic accounts and non-automated production but the time had come to move. I mentioned that we had recently migrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP to help to streamline our business, manage production, handle distribution/warehousing, provide better reporting and control sales & marketing. As I did, a number of them laughed and suggested I needed something bigger than NAV, as that system will never satisfy my needs. They suggested a product like Sage X3 or SAP. Well, I have used Sage (granted, Sage 50) in the past and wasn’t that fussed on it. And SAP just seems too expensive.

I liked what I saw with NAV and it seemed to tick the right boxes but they have now sown the seed of doubt and I can’t help thinking that they might be right and size does matter. Help me Dinah. Is it true that I should be looking for a bigger solution?


Mr I N Adequate


Dear Mr I N Adequate

Thank you for getting in touch, you are not the first person to ask me this question and I always reply by saying, never be ashamed of what you have to play with.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven solution for any business, whatever their size or stage of development. It has helped over 300,000 customers worldwide in delivering business success and driving business growth. It has the functionality, performance and ease of use that you need in an ERP solution.

As for your ‘friends’ telling you that you should be using Sage or SAP, well they clearly haven’t seriously looked into Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an option.

If they decide to bring it up again, here are some sobering facts that you can throw back at them:

  • NAV can grow your business, offering outstanding scalability and performance without the need to upgrade to a different product within the range. The solution can be used from one user to over 2000 users on a single code base.
  • NAV fully integrates smoothly with all aspects of your business, this is due to the standardised architecture that the product is built on which allows businesses to integrate NAV with other Microsoft products and vertical or proprietary software.
  • NAV is committed in delivering solutions now and in the future. Microsoft is investing heavily in developing business management software, as shown in their statement of direction. They commit to 10 years of support, assuring you that the solution will be enhanced and supported for years to come, by any number of reputable vendors.
  • NAV provides a lower cost of ownership, since it’s been specifically designed to support and adapt to any changes a business has to go through. NAV offers a high ROI and a lower overall cost of ownership, with licensing based on concurrent users as opposed to named users, with no restrictions on user counts.
  • NAV is able to offer a wide reaching vertical network, due to the technology that Microsoft products is written in it has made it easier to integrate with an vertical solution for your specific industry, wherever you are located.

To say that Microsoft Dynamics NAV can’t compete with the ‘so-called’ big boys is a total nonsense. In fact, NAV IS one of the big boys and can easily compete in any industry, against any other mainstream solution and, most importantly, it will more often than not win!

If size is such a big issue for these other senior decision makers, I’d suggest that they’re trying to compensate for something else! A small pension package perhaps?

Dinah McNav, ERP Agony Aunt

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