Dark Knight Deployment or Man of Steel Solution.

Right now, the burning question here at ERP Central is, who would you have in your corner; Batman or Superman?

We’re not planning on setting up our own team of Superhero ERP Specialists, at least not just yet. It’s actually for our latest blog that features on erpsoftwareblog.com.

We decided to take a comic-book-style look at the deployment options for ERP. Having watched the latest trailer for Batman vs Superman, we realised that these two comic book icons could teach us an awful lot about cloud-based and on-premises solutions.


Ever wondered why your server room is like the Batcave?

Do you have a Robin or Alfred in your business?

Which deployment is faster than a speeding bullet?

Who’s got the coolest car? (No contest!)


All these questions and more will be answered in this thrilling adventure of daring deployment and reliable reporting.

Find out which is best for your business by reading our guest blog.

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