A 360 look at Dynamics 365’s adaptability

Gone are the days when ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM systems were considered separate entities. These days, software needs to be fully flexible and adaptable to meet the various needs of its users.

It's becoming more important for intelligent business applications to be developed so that they can deliver results across both platforms. These intelligent systems can add real value and ultimately transform businesses, and that's exactly what Dynamics 365 does for users. 

In a world where we have seemingly endless software solutions at our disposal, businesses understandably want to know exactly what they’re getting for their money.

Flexible functionality

Rather than just receiving a sales pitch full of technical jargon, it's important that businesses are able to look closely at products and explore the functionality for themselves before committing to purchasing.

As such, Luis Camino, Marketing Technologist at Microsoft, rose to the challenge to show users exactly how flexible Dynamics 365 actually is in this video.

CRM & ERP Separation

Historically, the delineation between CRM and ERP had created an idea of separation between the two, but Camero shows how they can actually be used to complement each other to streamline business processes.

With such an intelligent and integrated product, there needn't be a separation of data and processes. Camero shows users how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can break down this separation to allow for greater extensibility.

Adaptable and Extendable

This adaptability provides customers with more flexibility and options when it comes to configuring and extending Dynamics 365. Camino also gives useful and practical examples depending on your positioning within the businesses world. For example, power users will want things to be simple whilst developers will love his tutorial on using the advanced extensibility.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers out-of-the-box, configurable business processes that are fully scalable. It provides business owners and developers with the ability to build custom business apps. There's also vast extensibility options for the developer community, but that's a blog post for another day!

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