How can Dynamics 365 help your business comply with GDPR?

For many businesses, May 25th 2018 was an important date. It saw the formal introduction of the new European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It seeks to protect the rights of individuals and regulate the use of personal data by businesses who hold that data.

The GDPR applies to any business that collects and analyses the data of people within the European Union. Brexit has no implications on the regulation and it will apply to any business that stores and uses personal information, irrespective of where that company is based.

Collecting, storing and using data

Unsurprisingly, this has had major implications on the way that organisations collect, store and use personal data.

Luckily, since Microsoft has extensive expertise in protecting data, championing privacy, and complying with complex regulations, anyone who uses one of their solutions can be safe in the knowledge that data is being stored securely and compliantly.

What does GDPR mean?

GDPR digital display with padlock icons

Essentially, GDPR gives individuals more rights when it comes to accessing the personal data that is held by an organisation.

Businesses should give individuals the ability to access, export and correct any errors in their personal data. They should also be given the opportunity to delete it or object to the processing of the data.

As a result, organisations will need to obtain appropriate consents for processing data, store it securely, keep records detailing data processing and notify the authorities if a breach occurs.

In order to meet these requirements, businesses will need to be confident that their business management software gives you quick and easy access to control data in a compliant manner.

Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do just that.

Dynamics 365 and GDPR Compliance

 Hand holding magnifying glass with GDPR written inside

Since each Dynamics 365 product is based on the Microsoft Privacy Standard, it can offer the required levels of security needed to comply with the GDPR guidelines.

Anyone who uses a Microsoft cloud-based solution also has access to Compliance Manager; a useful tool that helps businesses assess the state of their compliance.

It can deliver insight, recommend actions, and offer step-by-step guidance towards being GDPR compliant.

The Dynamics 365 family of products can also:

  • Track and record changes to personal data
  • Define and limit access levels to personal data based on specific criteria
  • Display custom privacy notices and obtain consent prior to processing personal data
  • Track and manage Data Subject Requests (DSRs)
  • Export data to quickly bulk edit multiple records
  • Amend existing personal data quickly and easily
  • Help to detect data breaches

You can also find a selection of tools, resources, and articles on the Dynamics 365 GDPR resource page.

A safe, secure, compliant future

 Padlock icon floating above a tablet device as someone clicks on it

Today, the control of personal data and the transparency of an organisation’s privacy policy are vital for the success and growth of a business.

Knowing that the software you use can help you to manage personal data safely, securely and compliantly will prove to be of significant importance now and for the future of any business.

The Dynamics 365 family of products, with their GDPR-ready features and functions, can offer companies both peace of mind and a solid foundation for protecting the data of their customers and staff.

If you’d like to find an approved-Microsoft partner who can tell you more about Dynamics 365 and GDPR, contact the team at D365 Central today.

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