ERP (Entertainingly Revisiting Programs)

Those who read this blog regularly will know that I’ve got a penchant for drawing parallels between Enterprise Resource Planning systems and some less than obvious subjects, from Superman and Batman, to steak pies and even Back to the Future!

Combining my love of ERP with popular TV shows, I wrote an entire series of articles for Dynamics Feed in which I looked at what some of my favourite TV series could teach us about ERP for specific industries.

The construction industry

Inspired by Auf Wiedersehen Pet, I took a look at what each of the characters could teach us about ERP. From Dennis and his project management skills to Neville and his reliability, each character has a trait that is valuable to your ERP system.



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The professional services industry

It’s not often that we recommend that people take business advice from David Brent, but we took inspiration from him when we looked at ERP in the professional services sector.



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The retail industry

Over the festive period, I watched the Christmas special of Still Open All Hours and realised just how relatable the original series could be to ERP for the retail industry.

By using ERP software that combines Arkwright’s thrifty cost-efficiency, Granville’s aspirations for growth and Nurse Gladys’ forthright management style, Open All Hours certainly provides a savvy approach to ERP.



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The manufacturing industry

Wouldn’t life be easier if efficiency was something we could mass-produce in a factory? After watching the documentary series How It’s Made, I felt inspired to take a look at what the manufacturing of three everyday items can relate back to ERP. 

Using mirrors to reflect on productivity, highlighting business intelligence with highlighter pens and measuring accuracy for the perfect pasta recipe, How It’s Made certainly can teach us a thing or two about manufacturing efficiency!


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The wholesale distribution industry

Although an extreme example, Ice Road Truckers seemed fitting to describe the wholesale distribution sector. Good time management and up-to-date communication is of the essence to these fearless truckers. A good ERP system would be a much-needed ally to these truckers in those treacherous conditions.



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Whatever industry you work in, get in touch to see how we can help you to improve your business’ efficiency.

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