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Dinah McNav, the ERP Agony Aunt, answers the problems and pressures faced by businesses everywhere. This letter comes from an anonymous SMB who’s fed up of playing the dating game when it comes to their software solution. They can’t seem to find the right partner, but that’s probably because they haven’t found the right matchmaker.


Dear Dinah

I have been searching for a long while now for a suitable software partner, someone that understands me and my business’ little quirks but isn’t too ‘high maintenance’. It got to the point where I actually signed up to a few of those matchmaking sites, and even tried out that dating app on my smart phone.

To be fair, that probably wasn’t the best place to look for someone to optimise the efficiency of my business, but I was getting desperate! I had a few interesting responses, but none of them really understood what I needed so I wasn’t remotely tempted to ‘swipe right’.

I won’t even repeat some of them!

The trouble is, I know exactly what I need but I suppose I’m just not looking in the right place for it. Here’s how I summed it up in my profile:

‘I’m a well-established SMB that’s looking for a LTR (long-term relationship) with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV VAR who can offer a lasting ERP solution. Will consider OOTB (out of the box) solution but really keen to find a partner that can make me feel special and shares my desire and ambition to grow. Not interested in SWS (software without support) or NSA (no strings attached), as I need to find a long-term, committed partner who won’t walk away when things get serious.’

In the past, I have met up for coffee with a few potential partners but they all seem to be after one thing – chalking up another conquest on the board and not really interested in my needs.

Tell me Dinah am I going about this the wrong way, what do you suggest?


Anonymous SMB with GSOH


Hi Anonymous

You seem to be a person who really knows what they want. It’s just a shame that no one seems to be listening to what you’re telling them and understanding what your specific needs are. You have a clear idea of the type of partner you want and need for your business, it’s just unfortunate that no one you’ve been matched with so far seems to have hit the mark.

Luckily I can help. Or, more specifically, ERP Central can help.

You may have tried some of the more conventional matchmaking sites, but ERP Central is a matchmaking site like no other. Whether you are replacing an existing business management software solution or looking for your first piece of ERP software, they offer help to SMBs of all sizes in a variety of sectors.

ERP Central is focused mainly on promoting the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is always a very popular choice for many SMBs. However, the main aim is to help the end-user to connect with the ideal partner that has knowledge and experience of working within their industry sector. This means that you’ll be matched to a potential partner who understands your needs and the challenges you face within your business.

ERP Central work with a large network of Microsoft Certified partners across the whole of the UK, specialising in a wide range of industry sectors and offering specifically tailored solutions that can meet the individual requirements of any business. They will try their best to match your requirements to a partner that has the skills and expertise you’re looking for and, where possible, within a reasonable distance of your location so that you can meet up regularly.

ERP Central has helped a large number of SMBs find their perfect Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner, so if you’re looking for a fully integrated solution that will help streamline your business and offer more functionality, take a look at the ERP Central website.

Get in touch with their team and you can start the process that will, hopefully, end with you meeting your perfect NAV partner. And I promise that you won’t need to swipe right, conduct an awkward online exchange or delete any alarmingly intimate photos from your smartphone!

Promise you’ll keep me updated!

Dinah McNav, ERP Agony Aunt

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