Finance Directors and ERP: A match made in heaven

It’s a common misconception amongst businesses that ERP is a financial burden. As such, decisions about investing in a new system can be a lengthy and tiresome process. If you’re a frustrated Finance Director who just wants an easier life without being hounded by your Managing Director, read on…

As a Finance Director, you’ll undoubtedly face pressure from the rest of your company to make sure you have up to date financial records, produce accurate reports and increase profits. The truth is that you can’t do all of those things with substandard business software and disparate systems. It’s easy to fantasise about how different things could be if only things were simpler. But what if we told you that there was a solution out there that could improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase your revenue? A system that could make all your dreams come true? Well, the ERP gods are smiling down on you because that’s exactly what a product like Microsoft Dynamics NAV can do for your business.

ERP was once perceived as a Multinational corporation solution, but it has since become an essential business tool for companies of all sizes in all industries. Today’s ERP software is being built with smaller businesses in mind, providing a special functionality to support a large number of business processes at a much more affordable rate, particularly with the option of subscription ERP.

So one way to stop your Managing Director from breathing down your neck is to seriously consider ERP. Here are just a few reasons as to why ERP is a worthy investment for your company and the solution to all of your problems:

  1. Improve the overall efficiency of the business

With so much competition, businesses are always looking for new ways to maximise efficiency and reduce overall running costs. By adopting an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you’ll be able to reduce project lifecycles, reduce production time, and streamline the workflow from order to delivery. As the saying goes, time is money. By improving the overall efficiency of your company, you’ll save money in the long run. 

  1. Maximise the opportunity to increase the revenue

Improving efficiency is one way of saving money, but you’ll see greater results of increased revenue by growing your customer base. Using an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to identify future sales opportunities, increase customer satisfaction, and improve customer service which all results in potential repeat business.

  1. Increase productivity to maximise efficiency

Having defined your business processes to determine your optimum production output, you’ll now need to make sure that your employees and systems are working at maximum efficiency. A flexible ERP solution will help your business to become more productive and profitable. You’ll also have the ability to make adjustments to production processes further down the line to increase productivity even more.

  1. Consolidate your business systems

If your business uses a number of different systems to manage finance, sales, production and projects, it can make it difficult for your employees to keep track of everything. By consolidating your business software with ERP, you’ll be able to identify defunct or duplicate systems, which you can then get rid of. It will also reduce the overall cost to the company for support and maintenance, and provide your staff with a single point of entry, less duplication, and more accurate records.

  1. Encourage better communication

Sharing information and keeping your staff informed can be difficult with manual processes. However, an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV will automate your business processes and give all key stakeholders a breakdown of the information they need to perform their tasks and reduce the possibility of errors.  

  1. Supply chain management

A system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows your business to have complete control over how you communicate with both customers and suppliers. By automating the supply chain, ERP can speed up the process of buying and selling products whilst making it more efficient and less costly.

In short, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will bring all of your business processes into one easy to use system that will help you to increase productivity, improve efficiency and maximise growth. What more could a Finance Director want? It’s a match made in heaven. 

If you want to discuss your ERP options, get in touch today.  

Article written by Mark Blackmore

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