Is it time to give your ERP solution a golden parachute?

Everybody understands the concept of the ‘golden parachute’ in business. It’s the recognised term for jettisoning someone at a senior level, sometimes because of mergers and takeovers, occasionally cited as being the result of “a difference of opinions” but more often than not the opportunity to ditch someone who’s not functioning as well as they should.

So why is it then that a poorly functioning ERP system or business management software is usually tolerated for a lot longer than the recipients of a golden parachute? Let’s face it, they can actually do your business a lot more damage.

It’s time to start thinking the same way about ERP as you would an underperforming manager.

The bad apple in your barrel

Everyone understands that inaction leads to inefficiency which leads to higher costs, so you just have to bite the financial bullet. Like they say, it only takes one bad apple… and if your ERP system’s core functions (pardon the pun) are letting you down, the time has come for a change.

A successful ERP system should be an enabler of growth, highlighting the parts of your business where improved efficiency can make the difference between profit and loss. Any business management software that functions poorly will be clearly indicated on your bottom line. Ordinarily, accountants will determine when the time is right to start making provisions for a possible replacement. And not one day earlier! Unfortunately, by the time your accountants have noticed inconsistencies, a lot of the damage has already been done. Which means any replacement solution will need to work even harder.

The case for the defence

Across the world, businesses are mounting defensive arguments to replace their existing ERP systems. You’ll probably recognise some of them;

  • Supplier goes belly up.
  • A software version is no longer supported.
  • Rules and regulation no longer honoured.

Despite this, the first question that many decision makers will come back with is…

“Can’t we stretch it just one more year?”

Meanwhile, service levels will decline, dissatisfied customers will increase and across the business, members of staff have less and less grasp on the figures and statistics that they need access to in order to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Go on the offensive!

Before it’s too late, you should pro-actively make the case for your business to invest in an upgraded, updated, sector specific ERP system. It’s all very well waiting until things are so bad that you have to have new business management software, but why wait that long?

If your current system is no longer adequate, but you need to convince someone that replacing it is the right thing to do, we’ve put together a list of some of the ways it can benefit their bottom line.

  • Flexible deployment that allows the system to change and grow in the future
  • Sharing information becomes easier, streamlining processes across the business
  • Rapid implementation reduces installation costs
  • Future proof your business with the latest technology
  • Save time with one central database, increasing productivity and reducing errors
  • See where inefficiencies exist, then implement solutions to reduce costs

You’ll find even more benefits here.

Now that we’ve given you all the ammunition you need, once you’ve convinced the decision makers that it’s time to give your ERP system a golden parachute, come back here and we’ll help you find the Microsoft Dynamics partner that perfectly matches your business.

Article written by Mark Blackmore, QBS Group

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