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Every industry is different, and that’s why you need an ERP solution that’s tailored to your business’ needs. When you work in fast-paced industry like media, you need a solution that is as flexible and robust as possible.

It’s all too common for people in the TV & Film sector to use disparate software systems that cause more headaches than they’re worth. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been designed to increase revenue whilst giving you tighter control on all aspects production costs. With a whole range of benefits including increased visibility, improved control and faster access to information, NAV is the unsung hero of the media world. Of course, we’re a little biased but you don’t have to take our word for it! Here are just two examples of how we’ve helped to leading UK media companies:


Optimal performance for Optomen undefined


Rapid growth within a company is obviously a dream come true, but when your software starts to struggle, it can quickly become a bit of a nightmare. However, NAV can quickly soothe the nightmare and get you back to plain sailing; and that’s exactly what it did for the award-winning television production company, Optomen. 

With increased transactions, Optomen needed software that could help them to not only manage these transactions, but also produce accurate reports to help them better understand their increased financial performance. Anyone who works in media will understand the pressure of the tight deadlines, so it’s no surprise that Optomen needed a solution and they needed one fast. NAV was able to do all of this and so much more. The new software gives them the tools they need to control their accounts, projects and reporting processes. 

Read our full Optomen case study 


undefined  Magic results for Hat Trick 

After years of using disparate software systems, Hat Trick decided to take action and eliminate the headaches of inaccurate          data and complicated processes. However, they weren’t sure if a replacement system could rival the Financial and Production      Costing of their existing Sage package. Fortunately NAV came along to save the day… 

Hat Trick had very specific requirements that their software needed to fulfill. As they already had several systems in place, Hat Trick needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with these. Thanks to NAV’s in built flexibility and scalability, this was easily achievable. Hat Trick also expressed a need for each of their Production Accountants to have full access to records in real-time so that they can maintain and monitor planned and projected expenditure. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and due to NAV’s robust security and processing features, this was all possible. 

Read our full Hat Trick case study


If you want to talk to our team and find out how we can help your media company, get in touch today. 

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