Power to the people! Why Professional Services companies should invest in ERP.

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to insight a rebellion. Nor is it a reference to the John Lennon song, or Wolfie Smith’s “Freedom for Tooting” campaign. If you’re not up on your 70s sitcoms, that’s a Citizen Smith reference. (Ask your parents.)

The people who require a bit of power in this instance are Professional Services companies. They need to take more control over their business by investing in an ERP system.

Francis Bacon, Viscount St Alban from NPG

“Knowledge is power”

Attributed to Francis Bacon

Professional Services companies rely on the skills and knowledge of their people to sell and deliver a range of services in order to become successful and profitable. Primarily engaging in research, development, business optimisation and education, this sector can span a diverse range of businesses and services, from management consulting, accounting, and architecture, to information technology, engineering, marketing and many more.



“With great power, comes great responsibility”

Uncle Ben in Spiderman

The professionals within these companies have a focus on becoming trusted advisors to their clients, developing relationships so that they continue to buy their services. With the right focus, companies can nurture long-term partnerships that will generate the right type of profits time and time again. In order to achieve this, they must maintain high standards of customer service, delivering results on-time and on-budget.


“You had the power all along, my dear”

Glinda, the good witch in The Wizard of Oz

However, to make sure that is being done, management need to set and communicate targets, report on progress, review levels of performance and analyse any potential business opportunities. Unfortunately, most don’t have access to this information since it is often recorded in a number of different systems, which means too much time is spent compiling it. Making instant decisions and managing projects becomes increasingly difficult, effecting costs, revenue, and the ability to share information between departments.


“We gotta take the power back”

Take the power back - Rage Against the Machine

Ultimately, what a Professional Services company needs to do is manage the 3 Ps; profits, people and projects. But without an ERP system they are unlikely to find, analyse and use their data to help make better decisions, allocate resources, monitor time and track expenses.

What could happen to your business if you don’t consider ERP?

  • Dissatisfied customers due to the time it takes to respond to requests
  • Inefficient communication results because the right information isn’t being shared in real time
  • Increased payment cycle caused by the need to manually input data

To address these issues, Professional Services businesses have an increasing need for a fully integrated solution that brings together information about processes, people and projects. This will result in a better return for the business, in terms of profit, and for the client, in terms of customer service and results.



“It’s getting’ kinda hectic, I’ve got the power” 

The power - Snap

Many Professional Services companies are now using Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their business management solution to help measure and control financial records, project costs, internal resource and share of information. 

Its holistic approach to business management allows people to collaborate more effectively, have access to and knowledge of information relating to projects in real-time, allowing them to be more responsive, and deliver results in line with budget costs and time deadlines. Achieving all of this will help you to stand out from your competitors that aren’t currently using an ERP solution.

“You'll be glad baby when you've found, That's the power makes the world go round”

The power of love – Huey Lewis & The News

The specific advantages for companies in the Professional Services sector using Microsoft Dynamics NAV include;


      • Streamlining communication – Collaborate more efficiently and economically
      • Gaining business insight – improve access to, and integration of, information across the company
      • Making real-time decisions – gather and analyse data more effectively
      • Quickly deploying technology – provide staff with the tools they need to be effective.

Most importantly, by investing in ERP for your company you are giving power back to your people by realising their full potential, achieving increased job satisfaction through collaborative working, and delivering better customer service.

All of which will make for very happy reading when you look at your financial reports at the end of the month.  Proving that ERP can be powerful stuff!

If you want to find out how out more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Professional Services and how it can help your business, feel free to get in touch.

Written by Mark Blackmore, Head of Telemarketing at QBS Group

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