Stressed toymaker discovers that his business software belongs on the naughty list

Dinah McNav, the ERP Agony Aunt, answers the problems and pressures faced by businesses everywhere. Christmas can be a stressful time of year for those in distribution, so Dinah couldn’t let this letter from a stressed toymaker go unanswered. This employee was concerned that their business software wasn’t keeping up with their global supply chain based in the North Pole.


Dear Dinah,

My name is Patch and I work in a large factory warehouse near the North Pole. We manufacture toys for clients all around the world, and my boss, let’s call him Chris, is a stickler for thoroughness and getting things out on time. By now we should have Christmas all wrapped up, but our business software is holding us back.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and it fills me full of the Joys of Christmas, but the pressure gets to me at times. We manage to get things out on time every year, but it’s a mad rush right up until the very last minute when our delivery sleigh driver arrives.

A few years back, we upgraded our account software to Quickbooks and our CRM software to Salesforce. We thought that this would increase efficiency and communication throughout the company, but it’s just made things worse. The problem we now face is that when we receive a wish list from a client, we have to enter it into two separate systems.

We build some of the toys ourselves, but neither system helps us manage this. If we don’t build it in-house, then we order from a list of suppliers but our system does not allow us to track supply chain. It’s also important that we have the right amount of stock and that it gets allocated to the right good little boy or girl.

I understand that my company is pretty unique, but there must be an integrated system out there that can manage what we do? If you can help me, then I’ll make sure you get an extra nice surprise in your stocking this Christmas.

Season’s greetings,


Dear Patch,

Firstly, would I be right in thinking you work for a certain man in a big red coat? Perhaps he has a big round belly that wobbles when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly?

If your boss is who I think he is, then he definitely needs to have better business software than what he currently has. The person who recommended your previous software belongs on the naughty list!

I can imagine the issues you face with not having all of the information in the one integrated system. With your current software, you run the awful risk of the wrong toys being dispatched to the wrong children. After all of the effort that goes into working out who’s been naughty or nice, it’d be a disaster to reward or disappoint the wrong children; nobody wants unhappy ‘customers’ at this time of year!

Your boss needs to have real-time updates from all departments, from toy that need to be made to arriving at the distribution warehouse. This way, he can assess what toys will be ready to deliver by your tight December deadline.

Even at Christmas, a little sprinkle of magic isn’t always enough, unless that magic is Microsoft Dynamics NAV! By Using MS Dynamics NAV ERP, your boss will have the tools and visibility that will guarantee a happy Christmas for everyone on the nice list. Here is what it can do for you:

  • Manage the profiles of customers, update their ‘wish lists’ and their preferences in terms of gifts, and store up to date information on whether they should be categorised as naughty or nice (CRM);
  • This information then gets fed in to the finance team where they process the orders, purchase parts & goods and keep the supply chain moving (Book Keeping);
  • Your colleagues will be instantly notified of order status to manage scheduling of the required production;
  • Your boss will get full visibility of how the work is progressing and if deadlines will be hit
  • Warehousing storage can be managed so when it comes to picking and packing the processes is properly planned and distribution is more efficient.
  • Supply chain management allows for the workshop floor to manage orders (when to expect them the quantity and from where), Store them strategically for ease of picking and then ship them out on the right day of delivery

I would highly recommend that you ask the ERP elves of ERP Central to arrange a demonstration to recommend which Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner can help. If you’re good for the next 365 days, then you could add this ERP solution to your Christmas list!

Season’s greetings,

Dinah McNav, Agony Aunt

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