The key ingredients to the perfect ERP pie

As it was National Pie Week last week, I’ve been salivating for my wife’s home made Steak-and-Stilton pie. With pie on the mind, I thought I’d try and savor some productivity and explore how implementing the perfect ERP system can be similar to baking the perfect pie. 

Last year, I wrote an article for MS Dynamics World about the recipe for choosing a successful ERP partner.  Even if you’re missing just one ingredient, your business can lack flavour and quickly go stale. If your current business system is leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth then you’re probably asking yourself the following questions: 

What are the right ingredients for success? 

How can I find the right partner that’s going to cook up a storm in the ERP kitchen? 

Is this new ERP pie going to continue to successfully feed my business in the long term? 

How can I make sure that my business is getting all of the nutrients that it needs? 

Fortunately for you, we answered all of these questions for MS Dynamics World and supplied them with the perfect recipe to make the Steak and Ale solution of your dreams. You wouldn’t settle for a cheap-and-nasty frozen pie, so why settle for a business system that doesn’t quite hit the spot? If you’re current business system is all puff pastry and no filling, then you’re wasting valuable time and resources. 

If you like what you see on the ERP Central menu, download the PDF below to get the recipe for success. With the right amount of seasoning and a subtle garnish, we’ll help you to add the flavour back to your business.

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