Welcome to the future of Warehouse Management Software

In the past, managing your warehouse could be seen as a difficult and tedious task. But thanks to ever-advancing technology, we’re approaching an exciting future for Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

Warehouse staff are constantly on the move so it makes sense that the data they need to make their job easier should move with them. And so we come to mobile Warehouse Management Software. Since this new technology is bringing us closer to an interconnected, wireless future, we thought we’d highlight some of its best features in a suitably sci-fi style.

The Productivity Matrix Reloaded

Like Keanu Reeves’ Neo from the popular series of movies, staff can take control of your warehouse like it’s their very own Matrix.



Rather than trudging up and down countless aisles, they simply look up an item’s barcode to find its location and the quantity of stock. This real-time view of warehouse inventory provides endless benefits. They can adjust the figures if need be and, with the right permissions, remove items from the inventory. A reason code can be allocated to highlight if an item is expired, missing, etc.

We haven’t quite reached the point where we live in a completely virtual world. But we’ve certainly become extremely dependent on Wi-Fi. So what happens when it fails you in the warehouse? You don’t need Neo-like superpowers because some warehouse management software has offline functionality. This means that the core work processes can be performed without any network connection.

So if the far corner of your warehouse is a notorious Wi-Fi blackspot, you won’t lose time trying to find somewhere with reception.

Close Encounters of the Warehouse Kind

Generally speaking, the standard functionality offered by warehouse management software will easily cover the needs of most companies. However, sometimes a specialist company calls for a specialist solution. Luckily, some mobile WMS have been designed in a way that allows them to be easily extended with custom functionality. This will recognise and relate to the kind of close encounters your staff are experiencing on a daily basis.

Some mobile WMS integrate easily with standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This not only ensures that it complements your software needs but means that any modifications are made directly in Dynamics NAV, making it easier for you.

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No matter how far we move into the future, there’s one thing that will never change, and that’s the importance of customer satisfaction. A fully-automated system means that fewer errors are made. This leads to a faster, more accurate experience for your customers, which means they’re more likely to return to you.

But it’s also about giving your staff a positive experience. Nobody wants to spend hours locked away in a conference room for extensive and complicated training sessions. A mobile WMS can minimise unnecessary ‘clicks’ and irrelevant information, meaning that users will spend less time on training. This allows users to quickly master the mobile device and prevents them from wasting valuable time.

The Terminator (of wastefulness)

You can now say “Hasta la vista, baby” to piles of paperwork. Mobile warehouse management software not only helps to reduce errors but also prevents the painstaking task of rifling through multiple files when you’re trying to track that order from four months ago. Plus, item registrations are validated using the built-in barcode scanner to further reduce mistakes.

Mobile WMS gives your employees the tools they need to make their day-to-day tasks easier, which in turn improves your business’ overall efficiency.

Let’s face it; time is money. So you’ll be pleased to know that Mobile WMS reduces warehouse costs because the increased performance of the warehouse employee means that you need less staff to complete the work. This frees up your workforce to focus on other important tasks.

If you want to discover more about how mobile WMS can improve the performance in your warehouse, get in touch with our team today.

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