Your quick guide to ERP for the TV and media industry

In our quick guides for Microsoft Dynamics NAV we take a look at how ERP software can offer benefits specific to certain sectors and industries.

Now we’re looking at how they can improve efficiency for film, TV production and media businesses. By improving the efficiency of a project and managing profit more effectively, companies can reduce risk and lessen stress before anyone says "lights, camera, action"!

How can NAV support companies in the TV and media industry?

TV camera

Due to its scalability, user-friendly nature and quick implementation, Microsoft Dynamics NAV currently supports over 300,000 companies worldwide with over 2 million end users. As a business management solution, it can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any industry sector. With specific functionality relative to the film, TV and media industry, it can help to automate and streamline the processes before, during and after a production.

Control & manage costs

Using the knowledge and expertise of Microsoft partners with experience of the TV and media sector, NAV offers a single, fully-integrated solution that can solve the issues faced by production companies. Disparate information held in production and finance software can be consolidated, giving you tighter control and making it easier to manage costs and process purchase orders at any stage of a production on multiple projects.

You’ll be able to view the profit of a production in real-time, allocating schedule and expense codes. Faster, more accurate reporting, with detailed cash flow and expenses analysis enables you to budget more accurately and spend wisely.

Multi-currency reporting & improved collaboration

Auto exchange rate functionality means that you can report in multiple currencies, allowing you to perform transactions and report easily when on location in different countries.

With analytics that can be accessed on mobile and tablet devices, you’ll be able to update and authorise records immediately, wherever you are.

TV and media mixing desk

Taking the next step

It couldn’t be easier to experience the benefits that an ERP system for media companies brings.

To find out more about how your business can effectively manage growth and increase efficiency and profitability, download our quick guide to ERP for TV and media companies.

Then get in touch with the team at ERP Central. As the ‘match-makers’ of the ERP world, we introduce film, TV and media companies to the leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners that best meet their needs.

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