Award winning television production company gets tighter control of their costs with NAV.

TV Production Company ensures there are no accounting nightmares by implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV.




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Award winning television production company gets tighter control of their costs with NAV.

The Business Need/Challenge

Optomen were experiencing rapid growth and their existing financial solutions were unable to meet their growing demands. They needed software that could handle an increased level of transactions and provide them with the in-depth reporting required to better understand their financial performance. TV production companies have to work to tight deadlines, which meant that there was a need to control costs and report more effectively.

The Solution

Optomen recognised the shortfalls in their financial reporting and made the decision to invest in new business management software to provide them with more effective reporting and accurate financial records. They reviewed several systems and vendors before deciding on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Creative Business Solutions. The two companies have been working together now since 1996 and, over that time, they have adapted the software to cater for Optomen’s unique requirements. The new software gives Optomen more control over their accounts, projects and reporting.

In addition to this, Creative Business Solutions also developed an excel document that pulls costs from NAV into a spreadsheet to allow for better control of the production costs.

The Benefits

Effective reporting and accurate data

NAV has provided Optomen with a robust, scalable solution that allows for better, more effective reporting and management of costs, providing accurate data at any given time.


Increased margins

The additional implementation of an Excel ‘cost-book’ has simplified the process of recording costs and helped to increase margins.


Streamlined practices and business intelligence

NAV has helped support the company in its growth, streamlining financial practices, giving them a clear view of their financial status and real-time business intelligence. 

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