Manufacturer & distributor of gas fired boilers heats up their business with NAV.

Specialist provider of boilers & water heater is now cook on gas after implementing NAV.




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Manufacturer & distributor of gas fired boilers heats up their business with NAV.

The Business Need/Challenge

Due to the increased demand for Lochinvar products and services, the company experienced a change in how they run and manage their business. Reporting had become fragmented and ineffective due to the inefficient and outdated accounting and CRM software. They were unable to make positive management decisions based on the information they had in their systems and the channels of communication across the company had been broken, with loss of data and inaccurate records.

The Solution

Lochinvar recognised the issues and made the decision to replace both the accounts and CRM systems with a single database that could manage their whole business processes. They researched several systems before deciding on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. However, they experienced difficulties with the original partner as they were unable to meet the demands of the project. They were then recommended to Adept who understood the needs of the business and managed the migration from old to new. Since Adept demonstrated the required experience and knowledge of similar projects, they were the ideal choice.

Strong communication between partner and client enabled Adept to interpret and use the information gathered to deliver a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution tailored specifically for the needs of the business.

The Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been able to provide the company with a robust, scalable solution that will continue to meet the demands of the business. The system has allowed for better, more effective reporting, consolidating information from various sources and giving them accurate data at any given time.

NAV has also improved the level of communication across the business and externally, giving the people that use the system access to the information they require, when they need it. This allows for faster responses to queries and better delivery of service, adding to the values of the company.

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