Professional service streamlines business and improves efficiency

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The Independent Dairy Consortium (IDC)


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The Independent Dairy Consortium (IDC)

Professional service streamlines business and improves efficiency

The Business Need/Challenge

Initially working solely with dairy processors, since 1995, IDC has grown its client base to exceed more than 500 local, regional and national small suppliers. IDC now help a wide selection of small producers promote their products on a national scale. As their client base increased, so too did the need for them to improve their accounting processes. During their first 8 years of trading they had outgrown two accounting systems due to their lack of functionality and stability. They needed to process high volumes of transactions quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

IDC chose to restructure their processes using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, provided by QI Limited, because it proved to be the perfect answer to their problems. The entire requirement of financial and management reporting was provided within NAV using the in-built account schedules reports, features and other report development tools. New functionality was developed for the management of the order intake process.

The increased client base meant more transactions, and greater demand from both supplier and customers. As a result, and following a considered and detailed review, the business made the decision to upgrade their existing accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They worked with QI Limited to supply and implement it, since they were capable of linking it to the company’s bespoke systems and could modify the solution to fit with IDC’s requirements.

The Benefits

Confidently meeting demand

The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provided the company with a robust and reliable facility to process an increasingly high volume of transactions on a daily basis. The stability of the system has given them confidence that they can meet the demand of both suppliers and customers.

Increased efficiency, reduced duplication

The range of administrative functionality within the system has helped them to streamline their business processes, spending less time duplicating work and operating a lot more efficiently.

Flexibility to upgrade

The scalability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV also means that if/when their business grows, they won’t have to upgrade the system to a larger solution.

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